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Standard In-HOM - The Smart Start InHom® Basic model allows for accurate, reliable reporting with location based downloads as often as desired.      

Wireless/Cellular In-HOM -  The Smart Start InHom® Wireless allows for all the benefits of the Basic model with the addition of wireless real time monitoring.  In the event of a skipped test or high BrAC level, information is immediately relayed to monitoring authority.  A great monitoring tool, as well as an add-on sanction.  

In-HOM Reporting - Reporting can be configured and delivered in many customizable formats.  Please contact us for more information, an information packet, or an onsite demonstration of the product.  

In-HOM Pricing - Smart Start brings this technology as a low priced intermediate sanction for courts and offenders.  The InHom® comes at a cost of less than 1/3 other alcohol monitoring devices.  InHom® makes alcohol monitoring easy, and affordable for courts and offenders.



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Smart Start now offers In-HOM®  alcohol monitoring. 

The In-HOM® Device offers courts the ability continuously monitor an individual for alcohol use. 

The In-HOM® Device allows for remote continuous alcohol monitoring while providing photo identification of the person taking the test, insuring compliance. 

Testing schedule set so no period when consumption can happen.


What are courts saying about In-Hom? 


“Over the years I have worked with many entities that provide services to Drug Courts locally, statewide and nationally.  I know of no companies that have demonstrated more commitment to the process then Smart Start.  I also know of no entities that have proven themselves to be more creative in developing useful technology in the area of court ordered alcohol detection.  I am very proud to have had the opportunity to be associated with Smart Start in a variety of circumstances.  

As to the IN-HOM device.  Our Probation finds the IN-HOM device to be a very helpful alcohol monitoring device for individuals who do not have driver’s licenses.  The device is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive.  I highly recommend it.” 


Honorable Judge Harvey Hoffman- Eaton County District Court, Michigan. 



“Many defendants have commented on the convenience of the machine (IN-HOM).  Most of my defendant’s that are on the IN-HOM do not have a driver’s license or a vehicle.  This machine saves them countless rides to getting to their PBT’s.”  

Anne Howarth- Sobriety Court Probation Officer, Eaton County, Michigan 


“The defendant is a veteran of Vietnam. However, the trauma in his life occurred in 2007 when his wife was mauled to death by a dog. This defendant dealt with depression, grief and post-traumatic stress since his wife’s death. Complicating matters further, the defendant was laid off from the construction company that he worked at for the past twenty years. Based on all these issues at the time of entry into Veterans Court, the defendant found AA and counseling depressing. He also lived distant from alcohol and drug testing sites. 

The defendant was admitted to Veterans Court in January 2010. He was one of a few defendants allowed to test at home using the IN-HOM unit. Throughout the first twelve months of the program, he tested twice daily. While in the program, this defendant met other veterans, went to counseling and attended the required groups. Now, one year later, this defendant is working, dating and interacting with others. His initial success began with the IN-HOM unit.” 

Pat Crane, Chief Probation Officer, Oakland County District Court, Michigan 


“The biggest advantage the IN-HOM has provided our probationers is the convenience of being able to be economically monitored from their home.  At the conference we recently attended, some research was discussed that indicated those that could be tested twice a day at least in the first 90 days were much more successful than those that were not.  I specifically remember one of my probationers saying that he was debating about drinking one night when some friends of his stopped by.  He said the equipment (IN-HOM) in his home was enough of a deterrent to get him through a really rough time that saved his sobriety.  Another one of our working participants was able to travel out of state to several different locations and still be monitored preserving his employment.  I had a woman that turned in her equipment when she moved to Phase II, but she immediately requested that she get her IN-HOM back because it was just too hard to try to PBT at multiple locations and times.”  

 Tamsie Haskell- Sobriety Court Probation Officer, Kalamazoo County District Court, Michigan


“The IN-HOM device has been great for our program.  The majority of our caseload doesn’t have a driver’s license and they find the machine so convenient because they don’t have to worry about rides or waking someone up so early to test or even dragging their children out every morning to go test.  All of our clients our required to test before 7:30am and that can be a lot to ask someone to have to drive them that early to a testing location.  We’ve also had many people with driver’s licenses opt for the device because of their work schedules, maybe they have to go in early before any agencies open or they work past their curfew.  Now with the IN-HOM device they don’t have to find a police department that will test them early in the morning or late at night and their not getting charged outrageous amounts like $20 a PBT.  The IN-HOM device is such great technology because unlike previous devices you don’t need a phone line and many people nowadays don’t even have landlines only cell phones.  I really like that we can set-up testing times for our participants and that after the device has been downloaded we can view all their tests and their pictures.  And the people analyzing the initial data are so good because they’ve caught siblings (who looked very similar) trying to blow in the device for the participant. The picture technology will snap additional pictures if the subject is not lined up right so they’ve caught, and we’ve seen, people trying to use devices to fake their testing, and this machine really makes that impossible to do because of the pictures.  Also, before the IN-HOM device we really never allowed our participants to travel because it was a requirement for them to test daily or multiple times per day, which it was impossible trying to find testing agencies out of state or police departments that would test them, not to mention the cost was very high sometimes (we had one guy pay $50 for a PBT out of state).  Now with the device they can travel anywhere.  I’ve even had people take it on the road and just plug-in at gas stations or fast food stops.  I really like the device and now most of my people that have it will test multiple times a day even though its not required, so the extra tests are great (and doesn’t cost them more) because they feel like they are showing the court that they are doing the right thing all day long.”  

Lauryn Ferro- Sobriety Court Probation Officer, Oakland County District Court, Michigan  


“Overall, the 86th District Court has been pleased with its experience with the IN-HOM Device. We have utilized it for probationers as well as those on pre-trial release as a condition of bond.  We are in a rural area, so, with the price of gasoline over $3.00/gallon right now, this device has offered the users a more cost-effective means of providing accountability to the court than driving to a testing site 2-3 times per day.  These units also allow some flexibility for the scheduled tests, so the schedule can be adjusted to minimize the impact on the individual's employment.” 

Honorable Judge Michael Haley, Grand Traverse County, Michigan 


“I've found that Smart Start is very easy to work with and the clients love the convenience.”  

Pam Blue- Chief Probation Officer, Grand Traverse County, Michigan